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Not just any blog, one that is hopefully going to make your belly happy. I suffered with stomach issues for a long time and for some reason, no doctor was able to tell me what was going on or why I wasn't well. It took me eliminating most foods from my diet and slowly reintroducing to see what hurt and what didn't. I also struggled with my weight which was Ironic since I was someone who you consider a "healthy eater". Needless to say, the elimination and reintroduction became exhausting over time and I not only would I still miss things that weren't working, I was missing out on eating food I actually enjoyed. At the beginning of 202, I did a 21 day cleanse eating only raw foods. In doing this, I noticed that not only was my stomach feeling better but I was feeling good overall. It prompted me to start doing research on all foods and the benefits and harm to the human body. Part of the cleanse even led me to a spiritual awakening in terms of how we consume foods as human beings and our relationship to our environment and everything in it. This blog isn't meant to judge or dictate the way you eat, but to give you a less intimidating approach to food.

We'll me talking about meal suggestions, stuff I eat, maybe even a few recipes here and there. Most importantly ortaly, we will be talking about nutrients. I'll share with you some of the things I've learned in my research as well as some of the foods that are considered "superfoods" and how I incorporate them into my lifestyle. I also want to make this your happy place, so I will be incorporating tips that lead to a more balanced, peace filled life that will also help you in your wellness journey. I'm excited to go on this journey with you and even more excited that you will be creating your own inspirations for the food you consume. Eating is one of the most intimate things that happens with our bodies and besides the taste, our approach towards food is often an afterthought. We think that our bellies can be filled with pretty much anything and that’s good enough to keep going. We put the best gas in our cars, we buy the best furniture for our spaces, but when it comes to what we put in our bodies, our only concern is taste. Taste is important but it isn't the only thing of importance. I know it may seem overwhelming to think about all at once, but all it takes is just switching out old habits for new ones.

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