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A Little About Her

Nacilia McCarthy describes herself as a true blue island girl. She credits her West Indian roots for her passion for creativity. She often speaks of times as a child when she would observe every aspect of media and think about what went into creating that TV show or ad. 

She has over twelve years of experience working in marketing with an emphasis on advertising and most recently advertising for digital platforms. Nacilia has a proven track record of working on high-quality creative content for many known brands. She has also consulted with a variety of companies within various industries on how to spend their marketing dollars to elevate their brand presence. Her natural aptitude for creativity fosters her passion for working with brands despite the size of their marketing budget. She believes that if done correctly, ads not only entertain consumers, they also leave a memorable impression.


Some of Nacilia's work has earned her a top ten spot on Creatively's Creatively Made list. She has also been featured as one of the top producers to watch by Creatively's publication, Creatively Curated. Her work has been featured on billboards in Times Square New York as well as showcased on main stages for Essence Fest Music Festival. She prides herself on being called The Ad Girl.


When Nacilia isn't working,  she loves to travel the world looking for inspiration in different places as well as volunteering.

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