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Oh Canada!

Canada, our North American sibling. Depending on who you ask, you'll either hear the enthusiasm of wanting to visit or have visited, or great disdain for their rumored brutal winters. Whenever there's cheer, it's most likely for the city of Toronto. I would describe Toronto, Ontario as the Queens, New York of Canada. In fact, it's so close (both in diversity and geography), that it feels like another City on the East Coast of the United States. Having said all this, one of Toronto's most notable tourist season is in the summer during Caribbana. This takes place from the end of July to the beginning of August. If you love anything about Caribbean culture then this is your opportunity to capture it all in one week.

Between the parties, food, and events leading up to the road march where revelers get to play Mas, you get to be immersed completely into Caribbean culture. One of the things I enjoy most about Toronto is the diversity, especially that of the Caribbean diaspora. This is usually beneficial when you are looking for any particular type of cuisine. There is plenty to choose from, Caribbean cuisine and otherwise.

Toronto is a rather large city but it’s not overwhelming. There is plenty to do and plenty of ways to get around and their transit system works rather efficiently. There's also Uber, Lyft and taxis. So getting a car isn't necessary (that's just my opinion as a person who doesn't like driving).

The nightlife there is quite robust too. There are plenty of restaurants and clubs. One important thing to note about Toronto or even Canada overall is that most bars and lounges close at 2 am sharp. This means that the last drink order is taken at midnight. This goes for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks alike. In most cases, the kitchen closes by 10 pm or 11 pm for lounges and 9 pm for restaurants.

If you are looking to do something in the daytime, the city is beautiful, clean and walkable. There are also ferries that take you to the city islands where you can visit their parks and botanical gardens. If you are on the East Coast and looking to make an international trip with only a few hours of flight time, then Toronto is the place to go. I will say that the best time to go is during the summer as Canada is further north and is known to have really brutal winters. 

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